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Published on November 17th, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


MLB Manager 2015 Review

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MLB Manager 2015 from Out of the Park Developments should come as no surprise to anyone that it is meant to be a management or simulation game for the Major League Baseball scene, where you will be given the option to pick your favorite team or whichever squad you may like. Hell, you could even feel a little more evil and run your most despised team into the ground, if you so choose, that’s all up to you.

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Once you’ve picked your choice of club, it’s then your job as general manager to turn your baseball team into the best one around, winning season after season, doing whatever is necessary to get the job done.

You will have many tasks as the general manager for your team, like hiring and firing players to build that dream team you’ve always wanted. Along with the financial side of things, you’re going to need to keep an eye on it, because of how much cash it might be costing you to make these trade, you’re also going to be needing to fiddle with your teams strategy, to make sure they play the best, and that the owner of the team is still a happy camper at the end of the season.

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It’s all well and good filling your team with players that you’ve loved over the years, but if they’re starting to underperform, or they’ve been stuck with an injury that’s left them out of action for a while, you may just have to make that decision to trade them for a player that’s going to “knock it out the park”, so to speak.

If you are hoping that it will turn into a sports game where you control the pitcher or the batter, then I hate to disappoint, because you do not do either. Your role in the iPhone game is not to get and play baseball, but, instead, to manage a team as best as you can. Something that you will most definitely love if you’re a micro-type player, who really does enjoy getting into the specifics of it all, as the game does give you plenty of control over your team. If you want your players aggressively stealing bases, then you have that option, or if you’d like to play a little more defensive with your team, then feel free.

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The iPad game has a lot going for it, and the depth of it all is rather surprising at first, or possibly overwhelming to some, as you might not be 100% sure on what you’re supposed to do in the beginning. After spending some serious time with the game, though, you should have no more issues from there on, but it does mean dedicating some time to it to understand what you’re doing. It’s similar to Football Manager, in the vein that you can’t really just pick it up and play it, with the exception being you at least have some prior knowledge on the franchise to get you started.

When you first load up the Android game, you might think that user interface may not be friendly. In the beginning, some may find it difficult to wrap your head around, as you’re may not be sure where something is, or “how I can change this?” or even, “what did I just do?” If you do not have a background in baseball, then it might be hard getting into the game immediately. Also, on a mobile screen the buttons can be considered a tad small, especially when you’re trying to tap on one individual player out of a list of many, so it could be considered recommended to save the game for a bigger device, like an iPad.

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MLB Manager 2015 is a stats type of game for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android, so for anyone that loves those types of games, this is so far up your street, you should probably just purchase it now, providing you like baseball, at least to some degree. It may be a little difficult to get into the game at first, but the minute you do, you will find yourself with hours upon hours of content within the game, as you can spend as much time as you like within the game, playing season after season to be the best. You’re never going to run out of players to trade, you’re never going to run out of games to play, and you most definitely aren’t going to run out of enjoyment.

Overall, if you’re a baseball fan, who has a real thing for the more in-depth, statistics side of things when it comes to the sport, then you are absolutely going to fall in love with MLB Manager 2015. It pretty much has everything you could want, including an option to play historical games, going as far back as the 1919’s for you to play as a classic team of your choosing, and see just how well you can lead them to glory. However, if you do not like baseball, or manager/statistic type of games that have some real depth to them, which are going to require a fair amount of time investment, then it may not be probably best for you. However, it never hurts to try. For any baseball or simulation management fans out there, without a doubt, this mobile game will definitely be for you.

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MLB Manager 2015 Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: If you have a soft spot for baseball or simulation management games, then MLB Manager 2015 is an easy recommendation. For $4.99, it comes with plenty of replay value. This simulation game for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android hits it deep out of the park.


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