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Published on January 8th, 2016 | by Patrick Garde


Snowboard Party 2 Review

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If it wasn’t blatantly obvious from the onset, Snowboard Party 2 from Ratrod Studio is a snowboarding game for iOS and Android devices, although I have yet to really see any instances of a party going on here. Thankfully, though, half of the title is correct, as you will be spending the entire game snowboarding, whether that’s down a mountain or a half-pipe is up to you.

The iPhone game gives you access to a few different controls, but nothing too complicated. You will be provided with a left analog stick, so you may move your character, as well as speed up and down. On top of that, you also have 4 different buttons at your disposal to make use of; that being: jump, front grab, back grab, and grind. Hold the jump button and your character will crouch down in preparation for a jump, and proceed to gain speed, up until you let go of the button to take your jump. Front and back grabs are self-explanatory, so depending on which side of the board your holding, you will perform a different trick, depending on if you’re spinning or flipping. The grind button will allow you to grind on metal railings, and will pop up with a little balancing mini-game, where you need to keep the line in the middle of the scale in order to stay on the rail.

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From the initial looks of things, the controls in Snowboard Party 2 are similar to something you would see in any other snowboarding game, like SSX, but reiterated to be playable on iOS devices, without the hassle of having too many controls on one device.

I would delve into gameplay, but when the title pretty much gives the game away from the onset, it’d be better to mention the modes that you have access to from the start. You have: freestyle, half-pipe, big air, and time attack. Freestyle has you getting from one point to the other, with objectives in between, and it tends to provide you with a much bigger and longer map for you to play with, until you reach the end. Half-pipe is much shorter and can be finished in under a minute, due to the fact that they’re a literal half-pipe the entire way down, all the way to the end. Big air focuses on a limited number of jumps, but every ramp you come up to will provide you with one particularly big jump, unlike the other game modes. Time attack has you get to the end as quickly as possible, while passing through flags on your way down. If you miss a flag, you’ll incur a time penalty and the game will deduct points from you.

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From what I’ve seen, Snowboard Party 2 offers game modes that are more focused on a specific map type, instead of any significant gameplay changes, since every single one has you reach an end point, regardless of what you play.

With each game mode, you will get different maps (levels), and with each of those maps there will be 5 separate objectives. If you manage to finish 4 of the 5 objectives, the iPad game will reward you with one new map to play around on, but only on that selected game mode. You are going to have to play the other game modes yourself if you want the new maps, or you can just skip it and pay for them with exp.

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Exp is the in-game currency in Snowboard Party 2, which is gained by playing maps and completing objectives. This currency can be used to purchase upgrades for your character, to buy new characters, boards, and clothes. Characters and boards are not purely visual and will increase your overall stats, ranging from speed, air, spin, and handling. Some of the earlier characters have restrictions on just how much you can upgrade them, so new people will need to be acquired if you want to be the best.

When it comes to visuals, the Android game certainly doesn’t take any breath away. The graphical style and models do appear to be kind of out-of-date, which you might not see so much on a mobile device, but on a tablet it is hard to miss. When you’re snowboarding down a mountain it’s not so bad, as you’re too busy trying to focus on doing some incredible tricks and rack up as many points as you can, but once your character stops and stands still, you can see how dated the models look in the game.

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Snowboard Party 2‘s controls haven’t been too much of an issue for me, but there has been more than one occasion where I was specifically holding jump, but due to my finger sliding just a little bit, I end up holding the wrong button, cancelling my jump, as well as my momentum. It feels too easy to have your finger slip to another button, one that you won’t necessarily want, and that can quickly become frustrating, especially if you end up seeing it more than the once.

The soundtrack in the iPhone game took me by such surprise when I first heard it. It went something like this: I was playing the game, and had eventually noticed that the game was on silent mode, so I proceeded to turn it back on, and I was blasted with some pretty immediate rock music! It just didn’t feel like it fit the game all too well, and only really gave me a reason to keep the game on silent when I was playing, as it was just a little too much for me.

The iPad game may have a couple of downfalls, but the overall gameplay of Snowboard Party 2 ($1.99) is actually pretty solid and is easy to enjoy from the start. Graphically, it isn’t too highly detailed, but I did enjoy the Android game as a whole, regardless of how some areas of the game look. In addition to all this, since the game has a number of objectives for each of the maps you can play, you will have plenty to do, leading to plenty of replay-value for the player and making for a pretty easy recommendation.

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Snowboard Party 2 Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: Snowboard Party 2 isn’t going to win any awards for its graphics, but it definitely wins my recommendation for fun and consistent snowboarding gameplay with limited issues and plenty to do.


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