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Published on August 30th, 2014 | by Patrick Garde


Breach & Clear Review

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Last year, around the first week of September, Gun Media released Breach & Clear in the Play Store. Recently, it was part of the previous Humble Bundle. Hence, I was able to get my hands on this Android game, popular with strategy and war game fans. Read on for our complete review.

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In Breach & Clear, players are tasked to form a four-man squad, a la A-Team, from a number of elite soldiers. Your goal is to eliminate terrorist threats in various areas of the globe. Pick from some of the branches in the military like Army Rangers and Navy SEALs, with every one providing unique ratings. If you have played XCOM: Enemy Unknown, one of the best Android strategy games, you may see the similarity in individual missions but you would also notice several variances. Both the enemy and the player simultaneously make their moves with the firing of weapons done automatically. Simply, plan the routes of your squad and use special abilities on occasion (throwing of flash bangs, grenades, etc.). Just tap on the screen to your desired location and hit the Breach button if you’re good to go with your moves.

With this kind of gameplay, the shortened decision-making allows the combat to move at a faster rate but also confines the value of nit-picky strategy plays. There are no penalties on being very careless, aside from starting over missions, since permadeath is absent from the features. It lets you implement a precarious tactic to the war on terror as compared to other strategy games that are time-consuming.

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“Own every angle” is the tagline of Breach & Clear. It makes sense since taking advantage of perspective and angles would make your mission a success. You will be in trouble if your team ends up with their backs against your opponents and not with their backs against the wall, literally. Ensure that every one of your troops is protecting each door and do not put them in a bad position (blind corner).

I played this on my smartphone but I believe it would be played best on a tablet. Anyway, I found it to be easy to look around the map. Use your two fingers to spin the area, pinch if you want to zoom, and drag if you like to pan. This will come in handy as you plan your moves. You can also switch the view to overhead if you want to check out all those corners by tapping on an icon located in the lower corner of the display.

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As far as the downsides are concerned, you might feel little to no variety in the available missions. After completing several maps, and once you find a good combination of characters and whatkind of strategy to implement, the game may become repetitive. Second, the experience may feel incomplete. Yes, you will be taken to different locations around the world but a backstory would really help in giving some sort of structure.

Nevertheless, Breach & Clear is still a decent strategy game. There are plenty of options for you to tinker with. This Android game offers a simple enough gameplay yet difficult when you reach higher levels. For $3.99, I believe you would enjoy it despite its shortcomings.

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Breach & Clear Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: Breach & Clear combines several elements from other tactical games. It has good graphics, smooth and intuitive controls, tons of customization. However, the gameplay may become repetitive. Even so, this Android game will be enjoyed by those who like team-based tactical shooter and turn-based strategy title.


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