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Published on July 15th, 2014 | by Patrick Garde


Fieldrunners 2 Review

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The original Fieldrunners was an entertaining tower defense game with action-packed, fast-paced gameplay. The same is true with its sequel, Fieldrunners 2, as the developer, Subatomic Studios, expands on the first game. It resulted in an enjoyable and well-polished Android game with a quirky style.

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The second installment is simply an enhanced version of the original as it does not add anything ground breaking to the series. If you are familiar with the tower defense kind of action, then you’ll be at ease with Fieldrunners 2. Choose a tower, drag it on the map, and watch how your opponents die, and collect cash to add more towers like cannon, glue gun, rocket launcher, and a whole lot more.

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Your goal is to defend your base and not let any troops, tanks, choppers, etc. get inside. You need to plan properly and strategize because your opponents badly want to get a piece of your turf. What I like about this game is its difficulty setting as even the casual difficulty will not let you walk in the park easily. Subatomic provides you with a starting capital to buy towers and a number of power-ups required to crush your enemies. It is your mission to use it wisely. I would suggest upgrading your front-line towers as it could be more cost effective. Just tap on the individual tower you want to upgrade. You will use the cash you collected from killing opponents. Upgrade your towers to balance out the firepower depending on your enemy types and your mission objectives. Take note that tanks are tough as nails and you might probably need to slow it down first to penetrate through its armor. There are some troops on motorbikes which also need to be slowed. Choppers and other air attackers can be handled with your missile towers.

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In every tower defense game, pace is an essential factor to consider. Unfortunately, the game has some issue with its pacing. Players are not involved as much as they would have liked since you always tend to press the fast forward button. Once things start to get bad, you have no choice but to hit the pause button. There are tons of waves of enemies which will take several minutes. Some might think that the levels last longer than the usual quick sessions. Since matches are lengthy, it does not encourage trial and error. To get the most out of your towers, you need to plot a maze layout so that your opponents will have a hard time getting through.

While it is not as innovative as the original, it is still a good tower defense game to play. Though I still prefer Kingdom Rush over this Android game, newbies who want to try out the genre could start with Fieldrunners. For hardcore gamers, I would suggest jumping immediately to Kingdom Rush. For $3.99, Fieldrunners 2 will give you plenty of hours to waste.

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Fieldrunners 2 Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: Fieldrunners 2 offers great visuals, fun gameplay, no in-app purchases, and plenty of levels. However, each stage might take a while and might test your patience. Nevertheless, this Android game provides a deep and lengthy gameplay. It expands the original – a worthy sequel.


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