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Published on June 29th, 2014 | by Patrick Garde


Galcon Fusion Review

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Galcon Fusion is a fast-paced arcade strategy game set in space. This Android game was developed by Phil Hassey of Hassey Enterprises and it boasts an intuitive multi-touch interface, and a variety of game modes. It was part of the previous Humble Bundle.

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Just like the original Galcon, you have to prepare some strategies to defeat your opponents or you can just overwhelm them by sending hordes of ships to take over their planets. To conquer the galaxy, you must be able to master both approaches. If you are not familiar with Galcon, its gameplay works this way: players are handed out a map with a number of planets. You are also given a home planet and your goal is to capture all of the planets or destroy all your enemies.  Every planet spontaneously puts up ships which are denoted by a number. So, you can take over any planet as long as you’re sending more units on its way. Tap a planet then tap your preferred target. You can relax and enjoy the view.

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Galcon Fusion is simply a no-nonsense strategy game. Everything is easy to figure out which allows you to jump into the fray quickly. It has an easy-to-pick-up gameplay but watch out as the action can get chaotic at times. Controls are also both easy and responsive. Simply tap on the planets and drag on another planet you want to take over, or click on your home planet then tap on an enemy planet. You can also double tap on any of your planets to select all under your control.

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Aside from Classic, there are seven different game modes to choose from. For example, 3-Way mode will let you face a couple more opponents while the Billiards mode has moving planets, just like the balls in pool. Looking for additional challenge? Try Stealth mode as it hides the number of ships on each planet and the fleet are invisible in a few seconds after taking off from their home base. Or you can set up a multiplayer online match. The additional game modes will give you some variety but for me, I personally preferred the Classic game mode. The experienced player might discover ample difference between those game modes while a casual gamer may find it as some sort of tactic to grab your attention. You can try all the additional game modes in just several minutes of play.

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All in all, Galcon Fusion is a good strategy game. It works best on a tablet but you can still play it on your smartphone. For $2.99, this Android game has beautiful graphics, responsive controls that are easy to learn, multiple game modes, and multiplayer online match.

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Galcon Fusion Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

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Summary: Galcon Fusion is a well-polished, action-packed strategy game with intuitive controls. This Android game is an enjoyable strategy title with plenty of modes to deal with. It’s perfect for quick sessions.


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