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Published on March 23rd, 2015 | by Patrick Garde


World Zombination Review

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World Zombination is a clever twist on both the tower defense and zombie genres. Players can assume the role of both the infected and the survivors, each with their own unique gameplay. World Zombination is an iOS game (iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad) from Proletariat that does a pretty good job at keeping the infected at bay, save for a few weak points.

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The human team is slightly more tactical, and more closely lines up with the gameplay of a traditional tower defense game. There are squad areas where the player can place a variety of different units to hold off the zombie horde. These units include the axe-wielding fireman, the pistol-slinging gunman (woman, actually), the sniper and more. Survivors are tasked with protecting an objective for set amounts of time. The survivors are personally my favorite to play as the gameplay is slower and more methodical.

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Players who sign up using a Proletariat account can switch between playing as the survivors and the infected. Playing as the infected is an entirely different story. Commanding the undead is much less about how well you can strategize and how well you can overwhelm your enemies. “Drones” are the basic zombie, and after a short time in a combat-scenario you can upgrade a few units to become more specialized. There are long-ranged spitters, brutish tanks, and infectors. The infected are much quicker and more intense than the survivors, and many will come to prefer this side.

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World Zombination rarely falls short, and when it does it is not catastrophic. Sometimes load times can be long and there have been reports of Wi-Fi connectivity issues, but these are few and far between. In-game dialogue is probably the only other negative factor at play here. Human units repeat the same lines so many times that they can seem more like drones than the zombies they fight against. There are of course a few free-to-play gimmicks involved, like character stamina, which sets a cap as to how much action a specific character can take within a certain amount of time.

World Zombination is a truly unique and enjoyable tower defense game that balances fun with strategy. Where this iPhone and iPad game trips it quickly recovers, and makes up for it with rewarding gameplay and intense missions.

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World Zombination Review Patrick Garde

Bottom Line

Replay Value

Summary: World Zombination from Proletariat offers an enjoyable twist on the tower defense genre. This real-time strategy game may have some shortcomings but it's still a fun title to play on your iOS device. It's in your hands if you want to defend the human race or not. What I know is that it's a must install for tower defense fans.



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